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Cherryvale Farms Products are Allergen-Friendly

Dairy & Eggs
Cherryvale Farms products do not include eggs or any dairy products. No animal products of any kind are used in our products. Learn more on the ingredients page. 

All Cherryvale Farms baking mixes are made with unbleached wheat flour. Cherryvale Farms products contain gluten. 

Cherryvale Farms products are peanut-free! Our products are manufactured on equipment that is not shared with peanuts. Peanuts are not present in our facility and our product does not have any contact with peanuts at any stage in the manufacturing or packaging process. Our Peanut Butter Cookie Mix does not contain any peanuts; you as the home baker can decide to use peanut butter, or any nut or seed butter, to prepare cookies.  

Cherryvale Farms products are nut free. However, our products are manufactured on equipment that is sometimes shared with tree nuts, including pecans and coconuts.  

Cherryvale Farms products do not contain soy. Cherryvale Farms products are produced on equipment sometimes shared with soy products.

Artificial Ingredients & Preservatives 
Cherryvale Farms products are proudly free of any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 


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