Spicy Cornbread Waffles

Spicy Cornbread Waffles

April 07, 2017

Spicy Cornbread Waffles

When in doubt, waffle it, right?! Any baking mix, with a few easy tweaks, can be made into waffles.

Blogger Lillian from CookingOnCall waffled our savory Cornbread Mix with amazing results!

To recreate this cozy treat at home, start with Cherryvale Farms Cornbread Mix, prepare per directions on the box and add 1/2 cup diced chives and 1/8 cup chopped jalapeños (if you love spice!). 

If batter is too thick, thin it with a little extra water so you can pour into your waffle maker. Follow your waffle maker's instructions to bake and drizzle with some general tsos sauce and more chives. Great as a side to some fried chicken or fried tempeh!