The Perfect Way to Celebrate!

The Perfect Way to Celebrate!

February 06, 2018

Birthdays are super special to me. As a little kid, my family has always been so wonderful about making my birthday a day to remember. Whether that was a special dinner with my favorite food, or a trip somewhere exciting. Now, as a parent, I want to create those same wonderful memories for my daughter, Paloma. Not that she's eating birthday cake yet (she's just over a year old!) but, we'll get there :) 

Part of why we chose to create the Instant Indulgence Birthday Cake In A Minute is that we want everyone to be able to create fun, memorable birthdays, without a lot of fuss. These perfect, single-serve cakes are a snap to make in the microwave and, because they are egg-, dairy- and soy-free, they're perfect for family and friends that may have special diets or allergens. 

No matter who's birthday you're celebrating today or any day (or no birthday at all!), I hope you'll grab a Birthday Cake In A Minute and enjoy the moment. 



P.S. Happy birthday to our Community Manager, Claire, who's actual birthday is today!!!