Easter Oatmeal Cookie Treats

Easter is just a week away and we're making the easiest cookies ever - loved by both littles ones and adults alike! Our Oatmeal Cookie Mix is so incredibly versatile and fun, plus these cookies make a great Easter day activity for everyone, just grab some frosting, a piping bag and some easter treats like chocolate bunnies and pastel sprinkles. 

We made two types of Easter cookies, all using our Oatmeal Cookie Mix, which you just add applesauce and vegetable oil (or coconut oil) to prepare. It's really that easy! 

After the cookies cool, use a star tip to pipe on the 'grass' on top of the cookies. For our 'eggs' in the grass, we used scissors to cut mini marshmallows into rounded domes to look like eggs. And for the 'bunny in the grass' cookies, it's even easier - just pop an unwrapped chocolate bunny (like from Lindt) on top and add some fun sprinkles. 

We hope you can enjoy treats like these with your family and friends this spring season. We're egg-cited that you're taking a peak at our recipe idea! :) 

Happy Easter!