Brownie Mix Mug Cake! 5 Minute Dessert

Sometimes a whole tray of brownies feels, well, a little indulgent. (Hehe, or always). 

So how about you get yourself some built-in portion control by making a hot, chocolatey mug cake in less than five minutes? 

Here's how easy it is: 

- Measure 3/4 cup Cherryvale Farms Chocolate Brownie Mix into a mug (3 mug cake servings in every bag) 

- Add 1/4 cup water 

- Add 2 tbls. oil of your choice (from coconut to canola, you can't go wrong)

Mix and microwave for 2 minutes. Or, if you want a more formed cake that can be turned out onto a plate, grease or spray a clean mug with vegetable oil and pour in your prepared batter. 

Dessert dive straight into the mug or get fancy by spooning your mug cake into a bowl and top it with a little whipped cream or ice cream. 

It's the little indulgences that make every day a little more exciting, isn't it? 

Bake On!