Peanut Butter Cookie Mix is Here!

Today is the day to celebrate, because our Peanut Butter Cookie Mix is here!

Just in time for back to school lunch boxes and end of summer parties, this awesome mix couldn't be simpler. Just add 3/4 cup of your favorite peanut or nut butter, a splash of water, mix, form cookies and bake. That's it! 

This mix is perfect for preparing with kids and you never have to worry about them licking the spoon, because there are no raw eggs. Help them mix it up and scoop and form into rounded balls, then use a fork to create the hashtag marks that gives peanut butter cookies their iconic shape.

We love this cookie mix because it's super versatile - use any peanut, nut or seed butter you have on hand, and get creative by adding fun add-ins like chocolate chips or toffee bits. 

The recipe for these peanut butter cookies is inspired by the from-scratch, homemade recipe we all know and love from childhood and our ingredients are as transparent as can be - just unbleached wheat flour, organic can sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, salt and baking powder. Plus our little not-so-secret ingredient, Beyond Eggs from Hampton Creek, a 100% plant-based egg replacer made of plants like whole sorghum flour, oat fiber, oat bran, xanthum gum and algin (seaweed). 

We hope you and your family enjoy baking up these cookies as much as we enjoyed creating them! To buy it now, click here