Now Non-GMO Project Verified & Plant-based

For the last, oh, eight months, or so, we've been quietly working on some pretty stellar updates to our products that I'm really excited to share with you now. The first is our Non-GMO Project Verification, and the second is our move to entirely plant-based ingredients. Both are changes that make our products better for you, and the planet. 

Our Non-GMO Project Verification means that all of our ingredients are now verified by a third party, the Non-GMO Project, which sifts through manufacturer statements from each of our ingredient vendors (even the sea salt, which is of course just salt harvested from the sea, has a specification sheet!) and confirms that the original ingredient source/manufacturer is adhering to strict standards of quality. That means they've vetted everything from our unbleached wheat flour to our cinnamon and chocolate to confirm that what we're saying we're using is actually true. And that each of those ingredients are grown or manufactured from or without genetically modified organisms. 


What does this mean for you? It means that when you buy a box of our Cherryvale Farms baking mixes, you have the assurance that everything we say is in the box is actually in there, and came to you straight from the original source, whether that be a wheat field in Montana or an organic sugar plantation in South America. 

This was a long (and sometimes tedious!) process for us, but we're thrilled to offer our customers this transparency in our ingredients. And, if you ever have a question about our ingredients or where it comes from, just drop us a line at and we're happy to share more. We believe all of the foods you buy should have transparent sources that give you the piece of mind of knowing what you're putting in your, or your families, bodies. 

Now, what about this plant-based business we're talking about? Well, we decided that in becoming Non-GMO Project Verified, we'd take an additional step to make sure our ingredients are as sustainable as they can possibly be. So, we've eliminated the dairy powders that were previously in our products and replaced our whole egg powder with Hampton Creek's plant-based ingredients, now labeled on our packages as "Beyond Eggs". That means our products are now totally plant-based and contain no animal products. Not that eggs and milk are in any way bad (we love adding some shredded cheddar to our Cornbread Mix!), we just wanted to focus on making our products as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Plus, in blind side-by-side taste tests, the new plant-based versions of our products actually performed BETTER than the original! And taste is, of course, the most important thing! 

Expect to see these newly reformulated mixes with their fancy new Non-GMO Project seal and plant-based ingredients hitting shelves mid-next month, April 2015. We'll be distributing lots of coupons to our retailers to encourage new and current fans to try the new recipes and we think you're going to really like them! 

Plus, if you have any questions about our new ingredients, or anything regarding our products, we're just a tweet or click away: @CherryvaleFarms // 

For right now, we're going to continue to ship our non-plant-based favorites for any online orders, and will transition to the new formulas sometime next month. You'll see a change to the listings when this goes into affect, so you know what you're putting in your shopping cart is what you'll actually get. 

Thanks for reading and continuing to follow our journey growing Cherryvale Farms!