Where did the Apple Streusel Muffin Mix go?

Sadly, it went the way of the do do bird. Well, not quite, but it's no longer on retail shelves :) 

We've been getting many calls recently asking where oh where our Apple Muffin Mix has gone, so we want to set the records straight. 

Back in June of this year we started phasing out this delightful mix, not because it didn't have enthusiastic fans, it did!, but because it simply wasn't selling in stores. 

You, our devotees, were deeply, madly in love with this wonderful mix, but we simply weren't selling enough to keep it alive. 

But don't you worry! We are hard at work to bring it back in a new form in 2016. A new, improved version that we think will knock your socks off. 

So, stay tuned!