Oatmeal Cookie Mix is Here!

We bet you thought Peanut Butter Cookie Mix was going to be our only cookie mix, but we're thrilled to share we've got a new addition to our lineup! 

Oatmeal Cookie Mix is here and it's "Everything But the Applesauce". 

That's how simple it really is: 1/3 cup of your favorite applesauce (like a 3.2 oz squeezepack of applesauce, any flavor will do) plus a little oil (coconut, palm, you name it!), then just mix, form cookie balls, place on a cookie sheet and bake. 

We developed this recipe to fit into the busy lives of families or individuals looking for a wholesome, deilcious treat that they could feel good about. But it didn't just have to taste good. It had to have clean ingredients, real organic cane sugar and be ready for the oven in less than five minutes. 

We encourage you to give our new Oatmeal Cookie Mix a try the next time you have a family get together, school bake sale, fundraiser, potluck or just an average Tuesday night. We promise your family and friends will love these easy, homemade tasting oatmeal cookies (and you don't even have to tell them you made it from a mix!). 

Oatmeal Cookie Mix is now available at Whole Foods Markets across Northern California, select natural foods stores nationally and here, on our website, CherryvaleFarms.com.

Happy baking!