Cherryvale Farms is Growing!

I know we haven't posted anything here in a while...and I'm sorry! So much has been going on the last few months. Here's a little look at what's happened at Cherryvale Farms recently:

  • We've added new sales territories across the US, making Cherryvale Farms more widely available in places like the Northwest, Southwest and Texas. Oh and Hawaii, too! Can you just picture our Banana Bread Mix with some Hawaiian coconut shavings added? Oh boy!
  • We traveled to Rhode Island for a big big big meeting to help shape 2014 for our growing business. It was a great meeting and we think the outcome will be Cherryvale Farms being available in more stores all over the US. You like that, right?
  • Walnut turned four in December. He had a doggy birthday cake (aka hamburger) and loved it. Lots of new photos of Walnut are up on his official Flickr page.
  • Two new products are in the works. We can't say exactly what they are just yet, but they involve peanut butter and honey. And taste delicious!

Whew! It's been a fun few months!

We're also running a super fun contest right now with our friends at Earnest Eats. Check it out and win a variety pack from us!