Organic Gardening

watermelon radishes grown at cherryvale farmsFor those of your wondering if Cherryvale Farms is just another food company using the name "farm" in its name to sound pastoral, think again. Cherryvale Farms is a real, if small, farm in Santa Cruz, California. We've been growing organic fruits and veggies on our little acre of land for about 20 years and, for a few years even housed some chickens!

This year we've planted one of our largest gardens to date and, weather permitting, we'll be reaping the benefits of our hard work all summer long.

Today we're sharing the first bounties of our Spring garden: watermelon radishes and green onions.

We love watermelon radishes because of their gorgeous hot pink color, delightful crunch and spicy taste. If you're growing watermelon radishes in your garden this year, or come across some at your local farmer's market, here's a few great ways to use them:

Now, we're getting hungry!