Cherryvale Farms Now Available at The Pasta Shop!

Do you live in Berkeley, CA? Maybe Oakland? Even San Francisco! If you live in any of these places you're just a stone's throw away from two fabulous gourmet shops that aren't to be missed! The Pasta Shop on 4th Street in Berkeley and Rockridge Market Hall in Oakland.

These stores really are an amazing go-to for all things gourmet. Artisinal cheeses, salumi and preserved meats of every variety. A deli case with all manner of delightful pre-made foods. Their pizza is a matter of culinary genius (and it's simply reheated when you order it!). How they get it so crispy yet tender when reheating is a secret we need to learn!

Oh, and of course there's an olive bar. Fabulous crackers, pasta, beans and other dry goods. A selection of frozen pastas, sauces and meats ready for a culinary master to transform them at home.

And they now carry Cherryvale Farms!!!

So if you didn't have reason enough to head to either of these delightful shops, now's your chance!

Check it out.