The Garden @ Cherryvale Farms

Some of you may know that our company is called Cherryvale Farms for a very good reason: it's the name of our small farm on Cherryvale Avenue in Santa Cruz, California. It's small (less than an acre) but a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables are produced on that land every season. Years ago, we even hosted a nice little group of chickens on the property. At one point a duck muddled around the yard. And a raccoon briefly made our pond his watering hole. Today, it's all about heirloom variety fruits and vegetables, and a ton of pumpkins!

Every summer, good Bay Area weather permitting, the garden puts forth mountains of delicious produce, sometimes so much that we don't know what to do with it! (If you grow zucchini, you know what we're talking about). There's two heirloom apple trees that were planted and grafted by the original owners back in the early 1900's, a few plum trees, a peach tree, a struggling little apricot tree, a fig tree and rows and rows of pumpkins, beans, strawberries, lettuce, onions, lavender and more.

Our family started this little farm about 18 years ago and it's been blooming ever since. We hope you enjoy these photos from the farm and, hey, maybe someday we can invite you down for a farm tour!