Cherryvale Farms on Pinterest!

Dear Pinterverse (aka the Pinterest universe) - We love Pinterest and we know you do too. You can't lie...we see your pins. We know what you're up to during those supposed "work" hours huddled behind your monitor. It's not spreadsheets and emails, it's pins and boards! Millions of amazing photos from across the web, shot by professionals and novices alike, all getting incredible attention for being something fun to look at.

We want in on the action. I (Lindsey aka have been blowing up the pinterverse for a while now - I think I saw the light early on (especially because I'm planning my wedding for later this year!!!) so I thought it was totally time for Cherryvale Farms to get in on it.

So what's the Cherryvale Farms Pinterest all about? Food, of course! We have boards for baking, all things chocolate, fun kids foods and more being added every week.

Our most favorited / re-pinned pin? Blow Your Mind Microwave Popcorn. Yes, really. Posted on this very blog almost a year ago. Pinners love it. You will too.

So today, tomorrow, next week when you're on Pinterest at work or home, dilly-dallying or pretending to pay attention to that conference call, check out our boards. Get some inspiration for dinner, or that kids birthday you're attending next week. Or ooh and ahh over some chocolate desserts you'll want to bake up for friends. We're at and we can't wait to pin you back!

Pin you very much,