A Food Manifesto

Well, sort of. More so, we just want to jump on the soapbox today and share our beliefs on what it means to live healthfully.

Now, that doesn't mean changing up your whole diet. Heck, you may already be the image of health and wellness.

For us, being healthy is about living well and eating foods that fuel the body and soul.

Sometimes sugar is involved in that vision. Often flour. A little cinnamon can't hurt. And fresh fruits and veggies are certainly crucial to the picture.

That's why we created Cherryvale Farms "Everything But The..." baking mixes. So you can eat well, without guilt and without worry, and enjoy every bite.

Each of our mixes asks you, the home baker, to add a fresh fruit or vegetable (or more!) which are part of a balanced diet. We keep the sugar content in our products lower than our competitors, but high enough so they taste like the "real" thing - like grandma's banana bread you remember having as a kid. Or Uncle Jack's pumpkin bread he baked every Thanksgiving. They're sweet, but not too sweet.

And that sugar we use is as minimally processed as possible, made from real sugar cane (not beets) and certified organically grown.

Our flour - we can't live without flour! - is grown in America on certified organic farms. It's made of wheat. Just wheat.

Everything else is our mixes is real. You can read our ingredients easily and understand them clearly. Jeez, they're so clear a 4th grader could read them and know what's inside!

We like that. Clean, clear labels. Ingredients you know and can discern easily.

That's important to us because we, too, are part of a family. We want our family to eat real, delicious food and we want you to also.

So go grab a box of Cherryvale Farms mixes. You can easily buy them here or here.

Buy some bananas. Get your kids and mash them up in a big bowl. Bake some yummy banana bread this weekend and enjoy that you're doing a great thing for you and your family.

If you have any questions or comments about our ingredients, we want to hear from you. Just email us directly at Lindsey AT CherryvaleFarms DOT com