Cherryvale Farms Now Selling on Amazon

Whew! I mean, what a project! Who would've thought entering some products on would be so difficult! That spreadsheet was like 100 columns wide. And macros? Jeez. Macros remind me of those scantron test sheets from high school that required an annoyingly sharp #2 pencil.

Do you remember those? Or am I already dating myself? Do they still have those?

I realize that even though I haven't been out of school that many years, things have already changed. My soon-to-be-sister-in-law just graduated from UCLA last year and she said all of her papers were submitted electronically online.

Do you know how many trees I could've saved if that was around when I was in school?

Anyway, let's get back to Amazon....which now sells Cherryvale Farms products!

Amazing right? I thought so too.

Now, we're only selling 4-packs for now. If you would like to buy our 2-packs, head on over to our other online retail site, Abe's Market.

Both Amazon and Abe's Market are retailing Cherryvale Farms for the same price, but have differing shipping costs.

With Abe's you can bundle our products with others as well (bonus points). And you don't even need a #2 pencil to order them.