Biz Updates!

It seems like every day aspires to be the next best day ever. Seriously.

Today, our trade show booth backdrop was assembled and we built it in our warehouse...complete with sneeze guard (not pictured. you have to wait for that!).

Then, we got new business cards!

Major awesome.

A lot has been going on, really. We're at the 2 week countdown until Natural Products EXPO West in Anaheim! March 9-11 you'll find the Cherryvale Farms team buzzing away in said trade show booth pitching our delicious "Everything But The..." products to anyone who'll hear us out.

Oh, and you like the cards? Me too!

You think it's weird that all my contact info is now in plain view of the entire internets?

That's OK. I'm cool with it. Actually, I want everyone to have my business card. Feel free to email / call / Tweet / comment / like / buzz / cyber stalk me. Whatever you want.

I'm an open book, and anything you ever want to know about Cherryvale Farms is available to you. Just ask. (BTW cell preferred)

Just don't text me incessantly at 3 am with pictures of your adorable cat. That would be weird.