Apple Sharlotka

My new baked obsession is Apple Sharlotka, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. Because sometimes I come across a recipe that I just HAVE TO MAKE. Like now. Like run out the door and go buy a springform pan. Which is what I did. Because, somehow, me, the itinerant baker, didn't own one.

Shocking, I know.

Do you currently have 6 granny smith apples lying around your kitchen? How about a cup of sugar? Cup of flour? 3 eggs? You're golden, baby.

Whip this up, stat! By the way, who is Granny Smith and how did she get an apple named after her? I want an apple named after me. Maybe we can call it The Baking Princess Apple. Or the Queen Lindsey of the Apples Apple.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just name it the Lindsey Apple. Nice ring to it, right?

Apple Board of America: I've just named your newest species! Can I have a medal? In return I'll bake you this pie / cake / apple thingy!

Recipe found here. And, by the way, do you like the 30000 different photo effects I used for today's post? That was just for you, baby.