Holiday Sugar Cookies!

So I've been folded over my kitchen counter for, um, about the last three hours. Doing what?

Rolling. Cookie cutting. Baking. Cooling. Icing. Glittering.

Making sugar cookies, that is!

And, well, I've never really done iced sugar cookies much in my adult life. Sure, as a kid I was all over that stuff. I mean, I do now own a baking mix company, don't I? Baking + sugar + sweet yummy goodness is kind of my thing.

But, damn, icing sugar cookies is a bitch.

Yeah, I said it.

I could pretend it was a glorious joy to pump out several dozen iced cookies today. But that would be a lie. And I'm a really, really bad liar. Just ask my fiancee.

Icing is a bitch because:

- It's surprisingly hard to get the icing the perfect consistency / temperature.

- That piping bag is going to do what it wants, when it wants.

- Unless you have the balance of a yoga instructor, you kind of have to do this standing up. This means: tired arms, tired back, tired of cookies.

But they're pretty, right?

Which I guess is the whole purpose of this whole thing. And people will love to eat them tomorrow at my family's faux-mas party.

And, even, better, they actually taste good.

Who would've thought?! I mean, I'm not Martha...but, damn. These are pretty good. Highly recommending the recipes below for their utter Martha-ness (i.e. deliciousness).

Sugar cookie recipe here. Royal icing recipe here. Great tutorial on how to make / apply royal icing here. But, let's be honest once again - I totally just used a plastic ziploc bag with the tip cut off. I mean, really.