Berkeley Coffee & Tea Festival!

I'm new to Berkeley. Super new! Like 6 weeks new! So what a way to celebrate my new hometown than getting my company, Cherryvale Farms, involved in a fantastic local event, The Berkeley Coffee & Tea Festival.

It's like Win Win. Or Slurp Slurp. Maybe Yum Yum.

Or all of the above.

The event is this Saturday, September 24th from 9 am to `1 pm at the Shattuck Plaza Hotel. LITERALLY a few steps from the Downtown Berkeley BART station. You know, being green and such taking public transpo. You know what's up. I dig it, too.

Tickets are available for a discounted rate of $15 if you "like" the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce on Facebook. Double awesome.

So plan your Saturday accordingly and give it a jump start with tons of coffee & tea tastings plus super-awesome-delicious muffin samples from Cherryvale Farms.

We'll have yummy samples of our Banana Bread and Apple Streusel Muffins for sampling....they'll go perfectly with your local-blend-japanese-cold-drip-iced-latte-with-foam. Or whatever makes you Coffee Happy. :)

And after the festival you'll still have the whole day to, you know, go to Chez Panisse for some uber-fancy-organic food, or ogle the cheese at The Cheeseboard. All awesome my-favorite-new-places in my-favorite-new-hometown.