Rancho Gordo Beans i.e. the Best Thing Ever

I don't take that statement lightly. I'm serious. These beans are some of the Best. Things. Ever.

Like the perfect chocolate cake. Or a light and fluffy sourdough roll. Maybe even the ultimate homemade-by-grandma tomato sauce.

They are that good.

Why on earth do I have such praise for, of all things, beans?! Because they are heirloom varietals. They are fresh (er, freshly dried). They are grown, harvested and sold in a sustainable manner. They have cool packaging.

Major points for the cool packaging.

Double major points for producing an incredibly high-quality product that's accessible, reliable and delicious.

I made a little pilgrimage to the Rancho Gordo storefront in Napa this past weekend with the sole intention of buying several pounds of beans. And I did. And there they are (plus a few more bags not pictured).

These beans are meaty, robust, flavorful and far more complex than the sad bag (or can) of white or pinto beans in your cabinet now. These beans are an investment in your fall / winter cupboard. Your mother taught you to invest. You remember that, right? Heed her advice and buy some beans. Not as cool as stocks, I know, but she'll be proud of you nonetheless.

I have some of the Rio Zape Beans in the slow cooker right now slowly making their way to becoming vegetarian baked beans.  Will report back with the final results!

So go buy some beans. Buy good beans from Rancho Gordo. Your feelings toward beans will never be the same.