Packing Boxes

Oh, it is an exciting time here at Cherryvale Farms. Because after you mix the product, you have to bag it. Then you have to box it. Then you have to put a sticker on the box. Then put the box into a larger box. Then tape that box. And I don't even want to get into the label application process. That's like too deep.

Because there are no less than 10 steps in assembling our product. Wondering what they are? Let me share the Apple Strudel Muffin process. Because it's a doozy.

Assemble batter ingredients > Batch mix batter ingredients in giant mixer > Measure individual portions of mix and pour into bag > Seal bag > Set aside > Assemble strudel topping ingredients > Batch mix strudel topping ingredients in giant mixer > Measure individual portions and place in other bag > Seal bag > Place both bags in individual packaging box > Close box > Apply label to box > Place box in case box > Seal case box > Apply case label to case box.

Oh wait. That's 15 steps. I told you it was a doozy.

But it's all worth it and we love our product and our packaging.

Climb through the packaging maze with us after the jump...