Blackberry Tart

Last week Daniel and I hauled a huge amount blackberries home from the bush down the road. Our pricked fingers were purple, the juice ran through the bag and dripped on the floor of the car. The bramble scratches on my arms and this tart are my reminders. Because once a year, and this is a must, my family needs to have a blackberry tart or pie. It's like necessary. Like if we don't have it, the world could possibly end.

You know that feeling, right? If during this one season you don't have this one specific thing, you feel like you miss our on a whole world of food. Like cider in the fall. Or fruit cake around Christmas.

For my family, a blackberry dessert in the summer is out must have.

This tart uses my favorite pie dough and only a few little ingredients added to the fresh blackberries. It's pure and simple and you can get really creative with the topping, like my lovely little cut out pastry leaves.

I used about 6 cups of fresh blackberries, washed thoroughly and dried as best I could.

Now the amount of sugar and flour you add will entirely depend on how sweet and wet / dry your berries are, so I recommend tasting as you go. For medium wet (i.e. smooshed) berries, go for 2 - 4 tablespoons of flour. Sugar? I used about 1/2 cup for my 6 cups of berries.

Add a splash of lemon juice (half a lemon is good) and fold to combine everything, no white from the sugar or flour should be visible once stirred.

Pour into your prepared pastry (uncooked), add a lovely pastry garnish and fold over the sides of the pastry bottom to "curl" up the edges and make it a tart instead of a pie.

Make it again with raspberries.

And then with currants.

And whatever else you can get your hands on during this lovely summer season.