Blackberry Jam

It's a busy time of year for jamming / pickling at Cherryvale Farms. All this gorgeous local fruit, I just can't let any of it go to waste. Fruit - you must go in jars! And fast! And hot! Now!

22 jars later, we've got a lot of jam in our cupboard.



Fig & Honey.

More blackberry.

"Summer Medley Jelly" - i.e. apricot + plum + peach + honey + a touch of ginger. It's amazing. And magenta! Magenta tastes delicious.

No recipes today....I'm painting, and moving, and packaging, and packing and so many other things I can't see straight.

But tomorrow. Tomorrow is exciting. I have a blackberry crostada for you! It has pastry leaves on it! Eek!