Spicy Pickled Carrots: An Obsession

Sometimes I have a very repetitive tick about me. There are certain, bizarre grocery items I buy over and over again and obsessively devour immediately upon bringing home. This includes dark chocolate caramel sea salt chocolate bars. And gherkins in glass jars. And pickled cocktail onions.

And then it includes my favorite: Mexican-style spicy pickled carrots. Or, if you want to be fancy, zarahorias en escabeche.

I bring home a large can of these from the Mexican market and I almost immediately grab the can opener and open the jar. The rest of the groceries can wait. I. Need. My. Carrots. I'm the same way when I see them at Mexican restaurants. I beeline for the salsa bar and pile my plate high with these spicy, salty, zesty coins of joy.

Now, I didn't cook anything with these today. There's no recipe to share (though I have attempted to recreate these at home, to less success). I would just like you to go out and purchase these bad boys and try them for yourself. They will love you and you will love them back.

That is all.