Grilled Potatoes and a Photography Lesson

It (almost) feels like summer in Southern California. The propane tank has been refilled and the BBQ is ready for some serious grilling action. This weekend included the grilling of venison burgers, spring vegetables and these gorgeous potatoes. A little olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper is all any of these ingredients need to reach BBQ perfection. And of course I had to photograph it.

Why photograph these simple potatoes? To practice! To learn! This weekend also included day-long online food photography classes from Creative Live. Free online food photography classes, no less!I learned. I loved. I like to share.

Food photographer Penny De Los Santos lead the three-day, multi-subject online course which streamed live all weekend. Complete with a buzzing live chat room where viewers bantered about food styling and camera settings, it was a truly wonderful learning experience for me.

The process of photographing food, whether it be still shots or live scenes like a dinner party, is such a challenge that I'm just beginning to learn. The lettuce can wilt. The pasta steam can cloud the lens. So many different factor play into that perfect shot.

I want to thank @CreativeLive for hosting such an inspirational weekend and teaching me so much about a field I'm only just learning about. To learn more, visit the CreativeLive website, where select clips from the session are available to watch for free online. The complete weekend of footage (several hours of instruction!) are available for $149 if you feel like really diving into it. Cheaper than a community college course, really. And it's only about food. Which we like. You'll have time to grill some potatoes during class breaks, I promise.