Citron Basil Martini

It's 4:18 p.m. You need a martini. Better yet, you need this Citron Basil Martini. Why? Because it's delicious. I made it just for you. Well...and for me. Because a girl needs a cocktail sometimes. Why? Because I toiled in the kitchen all day and don't have much to show for it. I made some lovely muffins. But they didn't have the punch of flavor I was looking for. I made a lemon icing for the muffins. But it turned out grainy.

You see? Sometimes a girl needs a cocktail. Because there's no crying over grainy icing.

So stop what you're doing. Go to the nearest bar / nightclub that operates during daylight / restaurant that serves better cocktails than food and order yourself one of these. You can even show the bartender this post so he knows how to make it. He'll learn something new, you'll get a fabulous cocktail.

It's win win.

To make one for yourself right now: fill a cocktail shaker with ice / add 1 jigger of vodka/ 1 jigger of orange liquer (such as Patron Citronge) / squeeze of half a lemon / five basil leaves cut chiffonade. Shake it like you mean it. Garnish with basil and a zest of orange. Drink.