Honey, Pear, Basil Pizza

Saturday my friends and I decided to do a little "day drinking." Translation: getting drunk on mimosas and bloody marys at brunch before the day even starts. So there I am, two bloody marys in and the group decides, well, to continue drinking. Off to a sports bar for beers and some sunshine. I barely held on for the ride. Fast forward four hours, two bloody marys, two blue moons and a tummy ache later: obviously the perfect time to make pizza dough from scratch!

Call me insane, but a little bit of booze fuels my inner chef and gives me the confidence to tackle tricky culinary projects.

In my kitchen, somewhat bleary-eyed with my Kitchenaid twirling some flour and water, I start the pizza dough. A recipe from Alice Waters no less. I'm sure she'd appreciate my free spirit mixing away in less than sober condition.

I let the dough rise overnight in the fridge, per Alice's doting mother-style directions. But, honestly, the dough hardened up quite a bit over night, even when left to fluff up again on the counter before cooking. Alice, you've disappointed me. But of course I can't let some pizza dough go to waste! I put the dough back in my Kitchenaid with a little more flour and water and it bounced right back. Confidence without the booze, how wonderful! Maybe my baking skills are improving.

Now, for toppings. (By the way, this is the next day, and I'm finally sober, though with a hangover strong enough to bring down a horse.) I really love sweet and savory pizzas so I shredded some mozzarella, sliced some fresh pears, diced some dates and topped everything with olive oil, salt, basil and a nice drizzle of honey. I was drooling taking these photos. DEVOURED IN MINUTES. There was nothing my hungover self could do to control my utter attack on this pizza. Luckily, some of it survived for breakfast this morning. Which my sober self much appreciated.


If you haven't made pizza dough before, it's actually really easy and you don't need to let is rise overnight. eHow has a decent tutorial I highly recommend.