Food Styling and Packaging Sneak Peak

I love to eat. And I eat with my eyes first. And I eat a lot with my eyes. If the sheer number of food blogs I read every day is any indication, I am verging on obsessed. So, my goal is to communicate my cooking to you in the form of gorgeous pictures that hopefully make you drool. That's where food styling comes in. And I'm still learning. And I think I will always be learning this unique art. It's not easy. Honey doesn't ooze and drip like you want it to in a hot kitchen. Sturdy breads tend to crumble under even the lightest care. The souffle falls. Yadda, yadda, yadda. So, here's one of my more recent attempts at food styling - all about the picture and making it as gorgeous as possible. This is a sneak peak of our Everything But The...Bananas Banana Bread packaging and I think we'll be able to nail it soon. It's an exciting time here at Cherryvale Farms and we can't wait to show you more as the line develops. Now, I have to go....we're working on dips today!