Our Mission: to create products that give families the opportunity to prepare healthful, delicious foods at home easily and affordably. 

About Us

That's me, Lindsey, with my daughter Paloma and my father (and business partner!) Michael on our family farm, Cherryvale Farms, in Santa Cruz, California. We took this photo in April 2017, when my daughter was about five months old.

Our company Cherryvale Farms blossomed out of my childhood growing up at Cherryvale Farms, where I helped out with the planting, weeding and harvesting of our apple, peach and apricot orchard trees and patches of zucchini and pumpkins. It's a small farm, built for our family's needs, and was the inspiration for our company. 

Make It. Bake It. Love It.

We hatched the idea for Cherryvale Farms produce-focused baking mixes because we love how baked goods taste when they're made with real fruits, vegetables and nuts. 

While we love being in the kitchen, we realize not everyone shares that devotion. And even if you do, today’s busy lives can make it difficult to find time to bake from scratch.

Our mixes were created so home cooks of any skill level can whip up delicious baked goods in minutes, while using real, fresh ingredients. We encourage you to use the best quality fruits, vegetables and nuts you can find when preparing our mixes, for results that taste as good as homemade. 

Get Creative

There are limitless ways to make Cherryvale Farms baking mixes your own (just look at our recipes section) so have fun adding things like nuts and dried fruit and share your ideas with us.

Tag a photo of your creation with #MakeItBakeItLoveIt on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. 

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Happy Baking!