A Fondness for Banana Bread

Today we started a giveaway over at SimplyStacie.net and the contributor for the post, Maureen, wrote the most lovely story about her fondness for Banana Bread. It seems Maureen and her recently passed father had a tight bond centered around making Banana Bread together, and her story really touched our hearts! We've re-posted her story here, but check out the original post and enter the giveaway over at SimplyStacie! (And how much do we love that adorable photo of her son chowing down on that Banana Bread! Priceless!).

My dad and I shared a passion for baking banana bread from scratch and it is one of my fondest memories of spending time with him. Now that he is gone my passion for baking it from scratch has diminished but my family still looks forward to my making tasty baked goods.

As a busy mom I appreciate that Cherryvale Farms All Natural Bread Mixes uses wholesome organic flour and sugar. There are no unpronounceable ingredients and baking up delicious breads for my family to enjoy is easier than ever.

simply stacie 3 Wiping away a few tears, I set out to make my first banana bread since my dad passed away. I made the “Everything But The….Bananas” which is a delicious banana bread mix that includes everything except the bananas, vegetable oil and water. It was so easy to make by simply mixing the ingredients together in a bowl and then baking in a greased pan at 375 degrees for 50-55 minutes.

The smell of banana bread brought my husband and children to the kitchen eager with anticipation. The finished banana bread was absolutely delicious-moist and flavorful. In fact, my family couldn’t wait to gobble it up and “gasp” stated that it was “one of my best banana breads ever”!

simply stacie 1As if that wasn’t delicious enough…….the following week I baked the most delicious Apple Streusel Muffins from Cherryvale Farms. “Everything But the Apples” is another premade mix using organic ingredients and I just had to add my own organic apples, water and vegetable oil. The aroma of ginger, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla filled the house reminding me that we are finally celebrating the fall season. These muffins are perfect for a light breakfast, snack or dessert. It was a big hit with my family who requested that I make these again.simply stacie 2

Cherryvale Farms is perfect for busy moms who love to bake using wholesome ingredients without cooking from scratch. You are invited to visit Cherryvale Farms to browse the entire product line and choose your favorites to purchase online! There are lots of great ideas for the holidays and even a recipe section.